Accident & Injury

You can visit any of our clinics to see a doctor free of charge for any accident or injury related visit. Your condition will qualify as an injury if it is a result of the following:

  • Car accident
  • Work accident
  • Bite or scratch from an insect
  • Bite or scratch from an animal
  • Bite or scratch from another person
  • Cooking burns
  • Most other injuries caused by an external force including gravity. For example, a fall in the home.

The following also entitles you to see a doctor free of charge  

  • A condition that comes on gradually because of your work (gradual process)
  • Medical treatment
  • Sexual assault or
  • Abuse.

East Tamaki Healthcare (ETHC) is equipped to handle minor accidents and injuries that you may have had either at your

  • Work place   
  • Home
  • Sports field or
  • Anywhere else.

ETHC offers wide range of services to deal with most minor accidents, usually by a consultation followed by an X Ray if necessary.

Any accident or injury suffered in New Zealand is covered by ACC. It enables you to receive services at a reduced or zero cost. If you are not sure, please ask your receptionist, nurse or doctor.

For after hours (till 11:00pm) care, please visit Bairds Road clinic,
or call 274 7823