Health Services

We offer you special help when you have an unexpected illness. We also offer you special help when you need more than one service.

Our special programmes help you deal with your chronic diseases or high risk factors. Our case managers will give you resources that help. You will also get one on one health coaching and special care.

Call ETHC Call Centre on 274 7823. You will be glad you did.

We offer disease management programs to our eligible enrolees with the following conditions:

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Disease Management: Learn how our programme is designed to help you manage illness and chronic diseases: We want to help you be as healthy as possible.

Our Disease Management Programme is designed to help manage illnesses and chronic diseases. We offer detailed materials to help you manage your condition.

Patients who need more education are identified for special project management. Project Management includes a personal care plan with exact goals. The nurse provides instruction and aid in getting through the system. They can also help you get transportation and can talk with your provider. The goals rate your progress. The project continues till the goals are met.

How to enrol in the program?

ETHC is dedicated to meeting the health care needs of Auckland Communities. We understand that different people have different health care needs and we will help you find a plan that works best for you. We have plans that cover children and adults.

All these programmes are offered free or at subsidized rates to all our eligible enrolees. You are advised for the disease management programme when you have a lasting condition. You can access the health care and special care being identified for special projects.

General Medical Practice, Accident and Injury Management, X-ray Service, Chronic Disease Management, Diabetes Consultation, Heart Condition, Mental Health, Multiple Diseases, Minor Surgery, Women's Health, Well Child Clinic, Vaccinations, Sexual Health, Primary Options, Oral Health, Repeat Prescriptions, Home Visits, Laboratory Tests, Immigration Medical, Insurance reports
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