Pathway of care

To provide the highest quality healthcare to all of our enrolled patients, ETHC has an opportunistic model of care involving all of the primary care team, including:
  • receptionists,
  • clinical assistants,
  • clinical family navigators (overseas trained GPs and nurses not yet registered in NZ),
  • nurses and
  • GPs.

 The patient visit usually includes:

  • screening,
  • education,
  • health promotion,
  • diagnosis,
  • treatment,
  • reinforcement of self care strategies and
  • medical compliance for delivery of integrated services to all patients.
Services to improve access that aid integration include:
  • discharge care coordination
  • extended hours
  • POAC (primary option for acute care)
  • clinical family navigators.
ETHC focuses on providing accessible, affordable and acceptable primary healthcare to the primarily high needs population it serves.
Strategies to remove barriers to access for high needs patients include:
  • a walk-in service with no appointments required
  • a three-stage triage and patient care system
  • a very low fee structure
  • clinics located in shopping centres with adjacent public transport
  • an integrated patient register across all clinics so patients can choose to visit any one of them
  • subsidised care at any clinic in the group
  • the availability of cultural support provided by the clinical family navigators.

A collegiate model of care with nurses providing all first level assessment, care and follow up, and doctors providing medical assessment, diagnosis and treatment leads to:

  • reduced waiting times
  • opportunistic review of patients’ full health profiles 
  • high throughput through clinics.
The model includes:
  • active community participation through our PHO Total Healthcare and its wide community networks 
  • Maori health and Pacific health plans and strategies that address local population health needs
  • 50% community participation at governance level
  • strong administration and clinical support systems and networks
  • comprehensive integrated IT patient management systems
  • robust monitoring and quality improvement systems.