Win with free heart health checks

Heart health checks

A heart health check (or cardiovascular risk assessment) will give you information on your risk of having a heart or stroke and provide advise on the best ways to improve your health.

During the check, a doctor or nurse will:

  • ask about smoking, exercise and diet
  • ask about family history of heart attacks or strokes 
  • measure your blood pressure, height, weight and waist
  • test your blood for levels of cholesterol and sugar (diabetes screening).


ETHC patients gain access to free heart checks and win groceries! 

Dannemora resident Isneh Naikar (pictured) is a happy customer - not only has she had her heart health checked for free, she is one of the weekly winners of a Pak'n'Save grocery voucher.
So, too, is Wai Health patient Tania Jacobs, who was the first winner of the $100 voucher, courtesy of her clinic’s draw for people who come in to have a free heart and diabetes check. But Tania says the clinic’s voucher wasn’t the reason she had the check up.
"It isn’t about the grocery voucher, although that’s helpful, it is about passing on good healthy lifestyle messages to my children and moko. And I want to be around for them," she says.
Tania went to the clinic to take advantage of its free heart and diabetes checks, because she knows Maori are at increased risk of stroke, heart attack and diabetes. Her results were borderline, even though she doesn’t smoke, and she says they gave her a warning to do something about her lifestyle and eating habits.
"It is very important to have any health check, like heart, cholesterol and diabetes or whatever it may be. It has layered importance for my children and my moko and for the generations to come. Unless I role model the way forward it may not happen. So by me taking up this challenge it will flow down to my children and through them to their children and so forth."                             

Tania says even if the test wasn’t free, people should have them anyway because family is more important than money.
In her mid 40s, Tania is a busy mother and grandmother and works at a central city high school, in the tuck shop. She has plenty to say about the type of food teenage boys eat: "The shop serves 'boy food' with [carbs and fats]. We have managed to prohibit the sale of Coke, which is a good start, but we are having trouble selling fresh fruit and [other healthy alternatives], although the boys say they get all that at home," Tania says.
The heart and diabetes checks are free to ETHC enrolled and CVD eligible patients who are overdue for a screen. Every person who gets a blood test and comes into the clinic to complete the free heart and diabetes check will go into a  weekly draw for a $100 Pak’n’Save grocery voucher.
Tania says: "For our Whanau Maori 'Kaua E Mataku, Kaua E Whakama!! Don’t be afraid, Don’t be embarrassed!!' Go get it done!"