Kia Aroha College Celebration Day 2011

On 7 Dec 2011, ETHC was invited to take part in Kia Aroha College’s Celebration Day, or awards ceremony. Kia Aroha College (kia aroha meaning through love/caring in Maori) is located around the corner from Dawson Road Clinic on Othello Drive. It is the only Maori and Pasifika bilingual secondary school in the country, offering its bilingual curriculum in Maori, Samoan, Tongan and Cook Island Maori.
Te Whanau o Tupuranga students saluting their colleague with a mass haka
ETHC was invited to sponsor the East Tamaki Healthcare Leadership Award which was given to two students from Year 10, and one student in Year 13. The day was an amazing mix of cultural and contemporary performances, topped off by inspirational awards given for qualities which included “Demonstrating ongoing commitment to the development of cultural identity, competence and understanding” and “Young revolutionaries, whose work shows their commitment to liberating minds and communities”.
 A Tongan student acknowledging the school for his awards
The two students who showed “Outstanding Leadership in Year 10” were Koha Milne and Taavao Leilua. Both awards were met with hair raising mass hakas from Te Whanau o Tupuranga (the Maori/English bilingual school) and uplifting Pacific style “hurrahs” from Fanau Pasifika (the Centre for Pasifika Education). The award for “Outstanding Leadership shown in Year 13” was given to Ivory Tapara.
Students perform a Tongan cultural dance
Congratulations to all the students, staff and their families of this magnificent learning academy.