About Us

East Tamaki Healthcare (ETHC) has a long tradition of providing medical care in comfortable and convenient environments each year for thousands of patients in the South Auckland region.
ETHC has served the South Auckland community for over 38 years. A clinic network and one of the largest primary healthcare providers in the country, ETHC is a centre for healing; a place where caring is truly a way of life.
We continue to ensure extended hours of low cost medical care and we work closely with patients discharged from hospital. We engage with patients diagnosed or at risk of chronic disease to deliver innovative and culturally sensitive solutions to their short term and long term health, for them and their family.
ETHC offers an array of services within the scope of GP practice; including medical consultations, ACC, radiology, maternity, minor surgeries, immunisations. This integration of medical services allows access to the special services for all our patients of the region through its network. ETHC presently has 24 clinics in Auckland.
Patients have access to these services seven days a week, from 8.00am–11.00pm.