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Stop cellulitis in its tracks

Skin infections can lead to a serious condition called cellulitis. It is important to try to prevent skin infections from happening, and to know what to do when you or a family member does have a skin infection. A prompt visit to your GP will lead to a diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Visit our Skin Infections page to find out more. 

Sore throats can lead to rheumatic fever

Sometimes a sore throat will be caused by the streptococcus bug that causes rheumatic fever. If left untreated, a "strep" throat can lead to permanent damage to a child's heart valves. Make sure your child sees a GP for that sore throat. Visit our Rheumatic Fever page to find out more and download our Rheumatic Fever brochure, in five different languages.

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Nurse vaccinates entire family

East Tamaki Healthcare's Clinical Services Manager, Nursing and Allied Health, Gillian Davies is jabbing her entire family.

No, she's not wishing them harm, quite the opposite. Rather, she wants to protect them all from pertussis, more commonly known as whooping cough.

New Zealand experiences an outbreak of whooping cough every three to five years. The latest outbreak began in August 2011 and since then more than 11,200 cases have been reported.

Read more about how Mrs Davies gathered her daughter, son-in-law and his brothers, her husband, her son and son's partner at East Tamaki Healthcare's Bairds Rd clinic in Otara to vaccinate them herself. 


New Government funding helps nurses pursue their dreams 

New graduate nurses June Mau (pictured below), Esther Allington and Rohan Ratnayake have landed their dream jobs thanks to new Government funding. They are three of 48 graduate nurses nationwide whose salaries are being funded by the Government to work in high needs communities. Read more about June, Esther and Rohan.

 June Mau


Holding a family day or community event?


If your school, church or
community group is holding an event and you would like us to run a stall, or have one our qualified staff members make a presentation on a health topic of your choice, please call Community Manager Joseph Liava'a on 274 7823.



GP Opportunities 

Incentive package for GPEP1 registrars - NEW! 

Registrars now have two training programme options at ETHC: the standard programme OR a new incentive package supporting advanced mental health and addictions skills. Read more about our new fully funded two-year registrar training package

Undergraduate medical training

ETHC trains student nurses and 2nd year medical students right through to 6th year trainee interns. 

GP registrar programme

We support and mentor both General Practice Education Programme Year 1 (GPEP1) and GPEP2 registrars. 

Thinking of being a GP in NZ?

We make it easy to find out about living and working in Auckland. For more information you can email: 

New Patients Welcome